By: Hanif Bhatti on October 1st, 2010
URL Shortener

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URL shorteners gained popularity thanks to Twitter’s 160 characters or less policy. However, the utility is here to stay as we don’t like long strings of incomprehensible in the URLs. Google has been using the URL shortener since last December as a feature integrated into other Google products.

The search giant has now released its URL shortener to the public and created a standalone website so that anyone can use Google to shorten and track the URLs they share via social media sites and e-mail.

The company claims that its shortener boasts stability, security and speed. The former two are especially important as several other services have been plagued by both downtime and malicious parties masking deceptive links. features automatic spam detection, and “near 100% uptime since our initial launch,” according to the company’s announcement.

[Via Google]

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