By: Hanif Bhatti on June 29th, 2010

Image Source: Gizmodo

With Apple claiming to have sold 1.7 Million iPhone 4′s in just three days, despite the great flaw in the positioning of the reception and antennae, you must be wondering why you should buy it. Well, Jason Chen at Gizmodo has reviewed the phone and has come up with an in-depth analysis to make your decision easier. Following are some of the excerpts from the review.

On iPhone 4’s screen Chen says “It’s the one thing iPhone 4 users should be proud of. It has more pixels in a smaller space than all the other phones I’ve ever used. It’s sharp. Tiny text is readable, and everything is just better. I take it outside. It’s no brighter, or more visible in the sun, but everything looks great.”

According to Chen, the phone looks “more breakable” with exposed glass and more use of aluminium. The camera and screen of the new iPhone “create the illusion” that the camera is placed behind the other person in the video call.

“The dual-microphone noise cancellation setup makes a huge difference for filtering ambient noises from a speakerphone. But regular calls aren’t much better than before,” observes Chen.

It is disappointing to see that “there’s no free, usable and decent turn-by-turn bundled with the iPhone 4.” Apple should have come up with something close to Google Maps for Android, if not the same.

“I can’t go back to the 3GS. The speed, the camera, the screen, the non-humpback, the video chatting; once you have it, you can’t give it up,” Chen sums up the new iPhone 4. For detailed review click here.

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